West Evans Streetscape Florence. SC

West Evans Streetscape

Scope of work consisted of demolitions of existing pavers and concrete along with installion of new brick pavers, concrete, bluestone pavers and landscaping on West Evans St. between the intersections of N. Cott St. and N. Irby St.

Client: City of Florence
Services: Brick Laying, Concrete, Bluestone, Landscaping

Our team at JF Contractors specializes in comprehensive site transformations, as exemplified by our project on West Evans St. Our scope of work entailed careful demolition of existing pavers and concrete surfaces to make way for a fresh landscape. We seamlessly integrated a variety of materials, including new brick pavers, concrete, and bluestone pavers, to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the area.

Additionally, our landscaping expertise brought the project to life, ensuring the meticulous placement of greenery and hardscape elements. From the initial demolition to the final touches, our team orchestrated every aspect of the project with precision and dedication, resulting in a revitalized streetscape that enhances the local environment for years to come.

West Evans Streetscape Florence. SC

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